Our Mission

Color Farm’s mission is to build an ecosystem that fosters greater equity, inclusion, and diversity in media and that empowers and elevates voices who are underrepresented, overlooked, and undervalued. We are building an ecosystem that will ultimately include media, technology, and community.

Color Farm works through entertainment and mass media to transform narratives, values, beliefs, and behaviors of people. Media and entertainment is critically important because of its ability to distribute powerful images to mass audiences that shape culture and that influence perceptions across the globe about different communities of people.

Today, Color Farm’s primary focus is on developing and producing premium-quality content for multiple platforms (motion pictures, television, streaming, podcast) that features multicultural characters and storylines for global, multicultural audiences. Tomorrow, we plan to finance content and to build technology that enables us to scale our mission of improving access and inclusion to mass media and entertainment storytelling platforms.

Self-described as the 'Motown of film, television and tech,' Color Farm serves as a bridge from the street to the mainstream.

We are a magnet for emerging creative talent and we are tapped into the untapped, which enables us to unearth overlooked stories and storytellers.

Color Farm is building a ‘farm system’ model, where we nurture and cultivate multi-platform storytellers and story IP (intellectual property).

We are creating content for a new world where there are no borders.